Sett i gang by Kari Lie Dorer

Sett i gang

Book Title: Sett i gang

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1530276004

Author: Kari Lie Dorer

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Kari Lie Dorer with Sett i gang

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2nd Edition, published 2016.

Sett i gang is designed for the North American learner who is just starting to study Norwegian language and culture.
Sett i gang is a complete and versatile beginning Norwegian curriculum that will help a learner develop language skills and cultural understanding through activities that explore the relationship between one’s own culture and that of Norway. Whether you are learning Norwegian at a university, in a community education course, or as a self-study project, this text will give you the skills to explore Norway in a unique and exciting manner.

Sett i gang will introduce you to a contemporary Norway with progressive social-democratic values, an increasingly diverse population, and cities pulsing with cosmopolitan energy. In addition, Norway is a country where international diplomacy is valued, cell phones abound and contemporary style is intertwined with the traditional.
Sett i gang will also connect you with historic Norway, a country with breathtaking natural beauty and strong traditions in mythology, folk music, bunads, and cuisine.

We hope that you enjoy your journey that will connect you to Norway and Norwegians—both linguistically and culturally.